Silke is a graduate psychologist with more than 15 years of experience in consulting and coaching - both on a national and international level. She supports executives and experts uncovering the true reasons of behavior, thoughts and feelings, so that they get unstuck, change their habits and reach maximum success 

She is the founder of the BrainBoss Method. She trained with a broad range of international experts like the world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer (Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner®) and Prof. Dr. Justin Kennedy (Applied Neuroscience Coaching).

She is further trained as Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), E.M.D.R. (Trauma Work) and Systemic Work Coach, and Theta Healer, elevating her sessions to an intersection of therapy, coaching and healing.


Beyond Burnout, Stress & Anxiety - From Powerless to Powerful with Elevate Intensive.


How to stay brilliant all day long - The 5 pillars of high performance based on neuroscience.


Your Life Purpose Map - Empower your Highest Potential by Being You.



The Future of Leadership and HR - Applied Neuroscience.


Podcasts I was a guest on:

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I was a keynote speaker on:

Green HR Future Conference

The Happiness Festival Dubai

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Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai


I was a published on:


Elephant Journal

  1. Why are leaders (executives, entrepreneurs) more prone to stress, depression... addictions?
  2. What's happening in your brain when you are stressed?
  3. What is the real cause of burnout, stress and anxiety?
  4. Why founders should get a therapist/coach? 
  5. What are the key Laws on how our mind works?
  6. How can you make the shift from powerless to powerful?
  7. Elevate Intensive: Therapy For Leaders?
  8. Why is 'connecting the dots of your past' the foundation of any transformation?
  9. What are the differences between 'hypnotherapy' and 'hypnosis'?
  10. What means family constellation and how can you use it?
  11. What is SNEASE and why is it your only way to Emotional Resilience?
  12. Which are the newest research results concerning neuroscience of leadership?
  13. How can we learn to change our destructive habits with one simple formula?
  14. What leadership style is needed for the new area of data, machines and minds?
  15. What would be your choice: Interact with AI or have an implant to directly connect to the cloud?
  16. How do you see the future of work ?
  17. Why we don't act on climate change now - a perspective from neuroscience?
  18. Which questions reveal your purpose?
  19. How can you 'model' the skills of exceptional successful people? Only 7 steps keep you away.
  20. What does it really mean to be happy?



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