I’m looking for 12 leaders who really want to create an impact in the long run!

I will exclusively coach you in the next 6 months to CLEAR UP your blind spots, OPTIMISE your mind and actions, and MAXIMISE your human potential.

It is not enough to only change your mindset and behaviour - unconscious thoughts and feelings also need to be addressed to have better results.

After working together you will:


Have new and better strategies to reach your goals - it’s increasing your revenue or income by 50% or more, new opportunities for your business or career, or improving your interpersonal relationships.

Be an updated version of yourself - about who you are, your traits, talents, overused strengths and weakness - so that you think and act in a completely new way.

Rise to new levels of performance, motivation and well-being.

Sleep better and have optimal energy throughout the day.

Spend more time giving undivided attention to loved ones (e.g. child, spouse and yourself). 

Become a BrainBoss, today

Note: Places are Limited.

Growth is a matter of time, but sometimes it is also a matter of getting an outside perspective.

Welcome, I'm Silke Glaab

I’m a Psychologist (M.A.) and an Executive Coach.

I rewire and revitalise Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, CEO, Consultants, and Coaches - all by elevating their personal psychology of leadership.

My career spans over 20 years of professional practice in counselling and coaching in various industries in Germany, Kenya and Dubai.

I was invited by Forbes to join their exclusive Coaches Council. I regularly contribute articles about productivity, burnout and resilience.

Next to this practical experience, clients benefit from my academically based training in psychology and recognised therapeutic modalities such as NLP Master Practitioner and Systemic Work, then Clinical Hypnotherapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis.

I work internationally and speak German and English.

What's included?

We are going to work together one-on-one for 6 months - 2 hours twice a month - with the BrainBoss Method. 

Why 6 months? People often seek instant transformation and they underestimate that it has taken years to build the personality and behavior patterns they have now.

Together we will work on these topics:

BrainBossMethod-Path1 (1)


We develop your individual BrainBoss Pathway so that you reach your goals in a few months instead of wasting years.

BrainBossMethod-Path1 (2)


We solve stress related issues like sleep, headache, lack of happiness etc. to boost energy and sustain burnout resilience.

BrainBossMethod-Path1 (3)


We look at your feelings and thoughts that determine how you will behave in certain situations. We reflect what feelings and thoughts you need to have better outcomes.

BrainBossMethod-Path1 (4)


 We look at current relationships with co-workers, founders, partners, loved ones etc. and help you improve your communications so that both of you feel heard and seen.  

BrainBossMethod-Path1 (5)


We work out what you’re best at and what you really should do! Further we uncover your unique principles in life and highest values so that you have your golden star and a compass to guide you on your life’s journey. 


1.FIRST CONSULTATION: On a free consultation call we get to know each other on a personal level. Together we discuss the goals you want to achieve. Trust and openness to learn more about yourself are the foundation for a successful coaching experience.  If all is good then we proceed to 2.

2. COACHING AGREEMENT: You will receive your individual BrainBoss Pathway. If you agree to the objectives, we will sign a formal coaching agreement.

3. YOUR STRENGTHS: If needed, we will create a strengths profile by using the Gallup®CliftonStrengths Assessment and the Neuro-Agility Profile®

4. YOUR PATH: I'm your guide on your BrainBoss Pathway. You and I meet as agreed for individual sessions. For online sessions we will meet on a secured conference line. In between you will have the chance to ask questions on a secured messenger line. In short, you will be supported from the start to the finishing line of your journey. With the highest standard of privacy!

5. YOU ARE A BRAINBOSS: Have we reached all objectives? Is the change long-term and sustainable? Did the transfer to your daily life work?


Become a BrainBoss, today

Note: Places are Limited.


Silke Glaab, Executive Coach

Knowledge Village Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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