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Look at your Situation from a new, more powerful perspective

Research on how our minds work reveals something astonishing. We don't feel and act under our own control, but according to the subconscious predictions of our brain. The brain constructs our reality. To do this, it draws from the vast pool of our experiences and memories.

The way you cope with stress, how you feel in certain situations and interact in social settings are formed in the early years of your life. These and your inner motives and values continue to be shaped during adolescence.

I'll support you in uncovering your mental models and unpacking them. You will become aware what is really going on before you act and feel.  

The brain is able to adapt its predictions to new information. Therefore, we will replace outdated models with new and supportive models. This will help you make better decisions AND achieve better outcomes. get better results. 

“It takes more than one human brain to create a human mind." Lisa Feldman Barrett


The BrainBoss method differs in many aspects from any other coaching or mentoring programs. It brings together human psychology, modern hypnotherapy and applied neuroscience to help you achieve your goals in a sound and long-lasting way. Of course, you can always rely on my respect for your thoughts and feelings and confidentiality.

You will be able to learn from the past AND use new strategies to better manage future situations.

There are 5 core elements of a BrainBoss - together we will select the elements that make YOU a BrainBoss.


You are seeking a profound change, and want to achieve better results and regain your self-confidence. If you are then additionally ready to traverse all the hills and valleys in the process... then the BrainBoss method is just right for YOU.

Here I show you some example situations where clients approach me. If you have further questions you can contact me here>> and I will reply to you asap.


Transitions in life or career are often associated with uncertainty. You want to go through this phase with a clear direction and are looking for support in making better use of your strengths and exploring areas of growth.


You have reached a point in your life that you want to express all your talents and strengths. You realise that you no longer want to live according to the rules of others. With coaching you succeed in strengthening your self-esteem, actively changing your life circumstances and, if necessary, getting others on board.


Complexity without structure makes it much more difficult, or impossible to stay focused and work in a stringent manner. You are unable to take action and get a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Especially for the entrepreneur or project leader, it can be difficult to maintain an overview.


You feel depleted, exhausted and burned out. You can't get out of your patterns on your own. You are looking for help to design important aspects of your life so that you perform AND feel well.


In a feedback session, you were advised to change a certain behaviour. Or you are aware yourself that something needs to change. Therefore you are ready for coaching to achieve this change in your life.

Ready to become a BrainBoss?

Lets's talk.

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  1. FIRST CONSULTATION: On a free consultation call we get to know each other on a personal level. Together we discuss the goals you want to achieve. Trust and openness to learn more about yourself are the foundation for a successful coaching experience. It's also important that we're a good match. If all is good then we proceed to 2.
  2. COACHING AGREEMENT: You will receive your individual BrainBoss Pathway. If you agree to the objectives, we will sign a formal coaching agreement.
  3. YOUR STRENGTHS: If needed, we will create a strengths profile by using the Gallup®CliftonStrengths Assessment and the Neuro-Agility Profile®
  4. YOUR PATH: I'm your guide on your BrainBoss Pathway. You and I meet as agreed for individual sessions. For online sessions we will meet on a secured conference line. Together we explore what thought patterns and feelings are preventing you from achieving your goals. Then we develop new and better strategies. 
  5. YOU ARE A BRAINBOSS: Have we reached all objectives? Is the change long-term and sustainable? Did the transfer to your daily life work?

Tailored Executive Coaching

  • Coaching Package solutions of 3, 6 or 12 months. The investment varies depending on the number/duration of sessions. However, a typical agreement is 2 x 120 minutes per month, including on-demand support via the secure messenger 'Signal'.
  • Sessions: 1:1 / Online via a secure conference call or in person.
  • Coaching in English or German.

Silke Glaab, Executive Coach

Knowledge Village Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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