Do You Have These Stress Symptoms?

You want to be crystal focused with clear direction and regain your confidence and former strength and become more resilient. 

But right now you feel like this:


You feel burnt out, stuck and powerless. You have difficulties to concentrate and think clearly. You suffer from mood swings and easily become irritated


Or, you feel an inner emptiness that drives you 24/7 pushing you to have always something to do. You may have developed some destructive habits to handle it (work, alcohol, eating).


Stress has taken a toll on your well-being: Your body is reacting with sleep issues and loss of vitality. You are demotivated to do the things you used to enjoy.


Perhaps you experienced a traumatic incident (loss in career, relationship, business) or you face a major life transition and you struggle to feel safe. You need a new direction in life.

You wish so much:

  • Feel strong again...
  • Be confident as you used to be...
  • Have balance with your partner and family...
  • Have focus and clarity to make effective decisions...
  • Follow your path that brings out all your values and talents...

By now you have already decided to get help. You're looking for guidance how to come out of your current situation, because you know, if you do not take action now your health, wealth and love will further deteriorate. But you don't know where to go.

You think to yourself...

  • Shall I see a therapist or coach?
  • How long will it take me to come out of it?
  • Do I have to see someone on a weekly basis? Or go to a retreat center?
  • Can someone understand my work and life situation?

You wish to find a method that specifically works for your situation right now (without waiting list, dozens of sessions and taking off from work).

Test the BrainBoss-Method! 

The BrainBoss-Method To Overcome Stress, Anxiety And Burnout In 5 Sessions

The BrainBoss-Method is an innovative and effective way to improve your mental and emotional strength in a short time and to build up your resilience.

It's a combination of proven and successful therapies such as hypnosis, systemic work and mental training, which I have developed over 15 years.

It helps you to uncover the deeper cause of your feelings, thoughts and behavior. No need for lengthy, time-consuming therapies.

In only 5 sessions a significant improvement of your burnout and anxiety symptoms is possible! How?



SilkCelia_Mental Disorder


In the first session we get an overview of your current life programme and its components.

We will use a wider perspective on your issue and see it embedded in your work and life system.

Duration: 1 hour (60 min)



In the second and third session we crack the code that causes your limiting beliefs and feelings.

Then we re-program it with new supportive instructions and values.

Duration: 2 hours (120 min)

SilkCelia_Positive Thinking

Reset & Retain

In the fourth and fifth session your energy, power and vitality will be uploaded to act again successfully. 

Additionally, you will learn how to use your mind in an new way so that you will act more effective and successful.

Duration: 2 hours (120 min)

Your Value

• Coaching sessions safely and comfortably from home - at your personal resting place and at your desired time, discreetly via Internet (via secure telehealth connection).

Only a few sessions are necessary for noticeable improvements (usually 5 sessions).

• Fast and professional help without long waiting times and approval processes.

• You receive your individual recording to intensify the reprogramming.

• You receive solutions for your current, specific problem without reviewing your entire past.

• My mission is that You become a BrainBoss - mentally strong and emotionally resilient for difficult situations in the future.

Silke Glaab

Coaching Psychologist For Over 15 Years

Silke is a Psychologist (M.A.), who coaches executives and experts to become mentally STRONG and emotionally RESILIENT by applying a deep understanding of human nature,  so that they get unstuck, change their behavior and reach maximum success in 5 sessions. 

She is the founder of the BrainBoss-Method and has an over 15-years career in counselling and coaching  - both on a national and international level . She trained with a broad range of international experts like the world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer (Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner®) and Prof. Dr. Justin Kennedy (Applied Neuroscience Coaching).

She is featured on several podcasts like CEO Podcast, Highway To Health, Rebelpreneur Podcast, Business Innovators Podcast, The Strong Man Podcast, Moving Forward Leadership and the Human Impact Podcast.

She is an official Member of Forbes Coaches Council.

To her Linkedin Profile click hier >>

Get fast and competent help now!

Book a free 30-minute consultation now. You can check for yourself if the proven BrainBoss-Method can help you with your specific issue.


This is how the booking works:

  1. Free Consultation
    Book a 30-minute consultation above: The aim is to look at your current situation and to identify your core issue and outline possible solutions. At the end of the consultation you will have a clear idea of how the BrainBoss-Method works and if it is the right one for you.
  2. Pre-check via questionnaire
    After booking, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can fill in a short questionnaire to ensure that the BrainBoss-Method is suitable and helpful for you.
    I look forward to seeing and hearing you soon via a secure telehealth line.
  3. Individual sessions according to the BrainBoss-Method
    If you believe after the consultation that the BrainBoss-Method is for you, you will receive your individual consultation plan for 5 sessions by email. After confirmation of your plan and prepayment, we will meet at your desired times via a secure telehealth line. You will be surprised how quickly you will become a BrainBoss.

Save 50%!

If you book until September 30, 2020, an individual, 1-hour BrainBoss session costs only 99 $ instead of the regular 250 $!

Important note: Please consult a psychotherapist or psychiatrist if you have physical symptoms (such as sleep disorders, changes in appetite and severe fatigue). In case of suicidal thoughts, please contact your local emergency number immediately or visit a clinic! At these places you will receive the necessary professional help.

Want Proof That BrainBoss-Method Works?


Dr. Natalia Wiechowski - Forbes Coaches Council

Silk profoundly helped me to overcome my limiting beliefs and accelerate my growth. After working with her, more and more high-end clients and better business opportunities entered my life.

Personal Branding Expert / Think Natalia


Ed Andrew

Silk is an expert in her field of psychology, NLP and RTT. I can honestly say that Silk helped me to identify the blocks quickly and release them.

Career Training Expert, Founder the Human Consultancy


Jennifer Schmidt-Rüdt - Magic Victoria

Silk is just phenomenal! You will experience pure transformation and you will learn in one hour more about your life and the patterns in your life then in attending school for 13 years.

Welcome in the world of magic / Professional Magician / Author


Walid Dabbagh

Silk managed to dig deep into my subconscious and build new beliefs to empower me to accept abundance, learn how to forgive myself and others and take command of my life goals. 

Enterprise Risk Management, Internal & External Audits

Astrid Ellis

Astrid Ellis

I approached Silk to find out what's holding me back. During the session I could feel how energy was shifting and things were changing. Afterwards I felt so much lighter as if a burden was removed. Just a few days later it was obvious that the blockage was removed; success was knocking at my door again on several occasions.

Business Builder and Serial Entrepreneur


Daniel Lexander

Working with Silk showed me that there is power in understanding your subconscious. Knowing that situations have influenced me on an unconscious level in the past gave me insights into why I am making certain decisions now. Understanding and knowing at the first steps to deliberate change. Let SilkCelia guide you on your way to your best self.


Be a BrainBoss

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