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How to Control Your Mind To Make Better Decisions

By SilkeCelia | Mar 4, 2018

Tim Ferriss quotes in his ted talk “Why you should define your fears instead of your goals” the famous Stoic Roman…

Know it All: How to Make Good Decisions Faster

By SilkeCelia | Feb 25, 2018

“I am often in a situation in which I have to make fast decisions. How can I make it roughly right…

Leadership Insider: 3 Powerful Habits of Zen

By SilkeCelia | Jan 28, 2018

“I rarely have time for myself!”, a client I coach – a CEO in the petroleum industry, complained.  It seems he’s…

How To Break Your Habits in 30 Days!

By SilkeCelia | Jan 21, 2018

“What kind of habits support you?” “What kind of habits bring you temporary joy?” “What habits hinder you to have a…

Stress: 10 Proven Ways How to Manage It

By SilkeCelia | Jan 15, 2018

“What can I do to manage my stress?”, a lot of my executive clients ask me. Next to neuro-feedback devices I…

7 Negative Ways of Stress on your Life

By SilkeCelia | Jan 8, 2018

“Life seems to become more stressful with each passing year.” one of my clients – an IT expert – sighs. “The…

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