6 Tips How To Raise Low Self Esteem

By SilkeCelia | Nov 9, 2020

What Causes Low Self-Esteem?   Thank you very much for this important question that will help so many others too. We…

Leadership In An Anxious And Uncertain World

By SilkeCelia | Sep 28, 2020

Be a Leader in an anxious world   “We are in a restructuring process in most parts of our company: we…

6 Ways To Tame Your Emotions

By SilkeCelia | Sep 21, 2020

You Can Control Important Meetings From Within   In my position I often have important meetings in which I have to…

How To Overcome Imposter Sydrome

By SilkeCelia | Sep 7, 2020

I think I’m a Fraud Most people see me as a very confident person. I am a very successful business consultant…

4 Ways How To Reconcile With Your Parents

By SilkeCelia | Sep 3, 2020

The Psychology of Forgiveness   “Meeting my parents is really annoying me and it’s really toxic. Last time I was there, a…

5 Ways To Be an Empathetic Leader

By SilkeCelia | Aug 24, 2020

Developing Empathy – A buzz Word in Leadership Development   I have been in leadership positions for 5 years now. I…

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